Meditation Center and Metaphysical store

Geminiis Meditation uses innovative neuro technology to help beginners and advanced meditation students get to that Zen Theta state quickly and effortlessly. Whereas most meditation techniques take years to learn our technology will help you go into a meditative state in minutes by balancing the left and right side of the brain and achieving an amazing level of peace and calm.

So how does this work?

We use a combination of brain wave tones in our music and actual hands on technology to help you relax and quite the mind chatter and fidgeting that most students have. You simply get very relaxed very quickly and as we guide you into meditation you find it very easy to reach that zen like state that most people struggle to attain.

Our students find the entire process fun and transformational. Classes are very small and we do offer one on one training as well.

For those of you who are not in Orlando, Florida, we do offer online skype sessions both for groups and individuals.

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