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Bean Products Zafu Round Yoga Meditation Cotton Cushions Made In USA Purple

Bean Products handcrafted Zafu Meditation cushions are available in over 20 beautiful colors of sturdy 10oz. cotton duck or 16oz. Eco-friendly Hemp fabrics and generously filled with USA grown Organic Buckwheat Hulls. Both Standard and Extra-Large Sizes have Clean Modern Design and provide any size person the most comfortable ergonomics needed for better spine alignment, less sit bone pressure, less hip, knee, ankle stress for a longer lasting and deeper more effective meditation. Our Round and Oval Zafus makes sitting meditation easier on the knees, ankles and back which is necessary for deep and long meditation sessions. Long lasting, U.S. grown organic buckwheat hull removable filling gently conforms to your body’s shape to relieve pressure while providing support. The natural Buckwheat hull fill is encased in beautiful reactive dyed and very sturdy 10 oz. cotton duck fabric or extra heavy and Earth Friendly 16 oz. Hemp fabric. A strong cotton carry handle hides a zippered opening which allows for easy emptying of the fill for cleaning. Embark on meditative travel of the mind/body and stress reduction with our meditation Zafus in 2 sizes and many colors. Handmade in Chicago, USA Round (13 “dia. x 6″h), 5.5 lbs. XLarge Oval(18″L x 13″D x 6″H), 7.5 lbs.

  • Perfect for all Yoga & Meditation Levels and Styles
  • Traditional yet Modern Round Design or XLarge Oval Shape
  • Eco-friendly Cotton or Hemp, filled with organic buckwheat from USA
  • Fill removable and refillable for cleaning with Carry Handle
  • 13″ diameter x 6″ tall Round, or 18″ XL Oval, Made in Chicago USA

List Price: $ 39.95
Price: $ 42.95

Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow with USA Buckwheat Fill, Certified Organic Cotton- 6 Colors (Twilight)

The Waterglider International Zafu Meditation cushion is available in 6 vibrant colors of sturdy organic cotton fabric. Buckwheat husks are not only a green product, they are also perfect for aligning the spine in the meditative position. The hidden zipper makes refilling the cushion very simple and the handle makes the cushion easy for carrying.

  • Perfect for all Yoga & Meditation levels
  • Traditional round shape
  • Fill removable for washing
  • Filled with eco-friendly USA grown buckwheat husks
  • 14″ diameter by 6″ tall

Price: $ 41.95

YogaAccessories (TM) Round Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion (Red and Gold)

YogaAccessories (TM) Round Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion

A traditional meditation cushion, the YogaAccessoriesTM Zafu is available as a round or crescent-shaped cushion with pleated sides. Each zafu has a sturdy handle sewn tightly on one side. The cushion raises the hips, making the entire range of cross-legged sitting positions more stable and comfortable.

The zafu originated in Japan, made popular in China, and used to be filled with cattail. Now they’re stuffed with 100% natural cotton or buckwheat hulls. The filling is densely packed to provide a solid cushion, and yet is soft enough to be comfortable since the zafu is made with all natural fibers. The outer cover is made of your choice of luxurious silk or a sturdy 100% twill cotton. The zafus have a smaller zippered opening, neatly hidden between pleats, that can be used to remove the cover and wash it. You can also adjust the amount of stuffing in each zafu, thus changing the height and the firmness. Each zafu is 15” in diameter and 6” in height, and is available in a variety of colors. Zafus are typically used with a Zabuton cushion to provide comfort and support to assist you in your sitting practice.

Product Features:

•Filled with 100% pure, natural cotton
•Sturdy, heavy cotton twill cover with handle
•Side zipper to add/remove/replace cotton
•Traditional round shape
•15” diameter by 6” tall

  • Filled with 100% pure, natural cotton
  • Sturdy, heavy cotton twill cover with handle
  • Side zipper to add/remove/replace cotton
  • Traditional round shape
  • 15” diameter by 6” tall

Price: $ 31.99

Zafu Organic Cotton Meditation Pillow: Rondo Style with Liner- 6 Colors (black, standard 12 inch)

The Waterglider Internation Rondo Zafu is the only buckwheat-filled ZAFU on Amazon with a removable and refillable liner. The separate liner is also made of cotton and is zippered. No more mess when removing the cover for washing. Easily adjust the height of the cushion by adding or removing hulls. 100% organic cotton and USA grown buckwheat hulls.

  • ONLY buckwheat cushion with separate and refillable liner
  • Great for all Yoga and Meditation Levels and Styles
  • More contemporary design that elevates user slightly more than traditional cushions
  • ORGANIC cotton cushion filled with USA farm-grown buckwheat hulls
  • 12″diameter for standard, 18″ diameter for large

List Price: $ 44.95
Price: $ 37.95

Hugger Mugger Zafus Choice Yoga Meditation Cushion (Black)

A traditional style of meditation cushion, our Zafu is a round cushion with pleated sides. We fill our Zafus with buckwheat hulls, which mold to the shape of your body, yet are resilient. The cotton cover is zippered, so you can add or remove filling to customize your cushion. Convenient handle is attached.The Hugger Mugger Zafu is a traditional-style meditation cushion that’s ideal for sitting meditation, cross-legged yoga postures, and kneeling positions. The Zafu is filled with buckwheat hulls, which mold to the shape of your body yet are surprisingly resilient. As a result, the cushion is soft under your sit bones yet bounces back after your yoga routine. You can also remove the cotton cover via the zipper, letting you add or remove filling to customize your cushion. Made of premium, limited-edition fabrics, the Zafu cushion measures 5 by 15 inches and includes a convenient carrying handle.

  • Traditional-style meditation cushion ideal for meditation or yoga
  • Filled with resilient buckwheat hulls that mold to your body
  • Zippered cotton cover lets you add or remove filling
  • Made of premium, limited-edition fabrics; carrying handle
  • Assists in cross-legged and kneeling yoga positions; measures 5 x 15 inches

List Price: $ 42.95
Price: $ 42.09

Mobile Meditator Inflatable Meditation Cushion and Travel Pillow – Purple

As of summer 2013 we have introduced stronger and greatly improved cushions. Mobile Meditator, an inflatable meditation cushion, is mindfully designed for use at home and for travel. This crescent shaped cushion has three easily adjustable separate chambers allowing customized size, comfort and stability. Mobile Meditator weighs just 13 ounces and fits into a handy 9″ x 9″ x 2″ pouch. Sit in comfort anywhere, any place, any time! Mobile Meditator is designed for comfort and relaxation during meditation and quiet reflection. While originally conceived for travel, it quickly becomes the preferred cushion for every day meditation. Features: Ergonomically designed for comfort; Lightweight for travel; Compact, carry it anywhere; Fully adjustable to suit each sitter’s preference. Mobile Meditator is the only fully inflatable meditation cushion on the market. It is designed by meditators for meditators and for anyone who sits on the ground. Mobile Meditator is ready for everyday use: daily meditations, trekking in the Himalayas, backpacking, camping, sitting on the beach, attending a class, or just hanging out. Carry case included.

  • Three fully adjustable, inflatable chambers
  • Mindfully designed to be comfortable and portable
  • Adjust the center chamber for optimal spine support and pelvic tilt
  • Adjust the two side chambers for hip and thigh support
  • Maximum inflated size: 18″ x 6″ in the rear x 2″ in the front (46 x 15 x 5cm)

List Price: $ 34.95
Price: $ 34.00

Brand New Black/Gray Zabuton Zafu Set, Yoga, Meditation Seat Cushions, Kneeling, Sitting, Supporting Exercise Pratice Zabuton & Zafu Cushions.

This brand new zabuton & Zafu set is an ideal for yoga, meditation and exercise practices, to use this zabuton on the floor for supporting, sitting and kneeling. As the floor cushions, you may use them to design your living styles, decorate your rooms, or to put them surrounding a tea table. For the sofa, you may put these cushions on the wooden sofa frame, they are maybe the seat cushions and back supporting cushions.

  • Condition: Brand New.
  • Color: Gray/Black
  • Zabuton Dimensions: 3″ Thick x 28″ wide x 36″ long.
  • Zafu Dimensions: 6″ Thick x 9″ Wide x 15″ Long.
  • Filled with all cotton.

Price: $ 65.00

Bean Products Zabuton Yoga Meditation Cotton Cushions Made In USA Purple

Our 100% pure cotton Zabuton Meditation Mat cushions your ankles and legs during sitting meditation and is the base mat to use with a Zafu cushion or a meditation bench. Used along with the Zafu or Bench, the Zabuton makes sitting meditation easier on the knees, ankles and back and is more comfortable for hard or cold surfaces. Add a washable organic cotton Zabuton Cover to protect the mat which are available in 20 delicious colors that are responsibly dyed. Handcrafted in the USA.

  • Perfect for all Yoga & Meditation levels
  • Filled with eco-friendly natural cotton batting
  • Removable washable cover
  • 24″ x 24″ Square x 2.5″ tall
  • Made in the USA

List Price: $ 42.95
Price: $ 34.95

High Quality – Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow – 15″W x 6″H – Navy – With Carrying Handle – Exclusively by Blowout Bedding RN# 142035

High Quality-Round Zafu Meditation Pillow
Traditional Round Shape – 15″ diameter by 6″ tall – 4 lbs
Factory direct assuring you the best price!
Convenient Carrying Handle
Hidden zippered hole, so fill can be removed for washing
Super Soft-High Quality *120GSM* Durable Cover
Filled with 100% High Quality Poly-firm Materials
Started Selling: 1/ 6/ 2015 – Exclusively by Blowout Bedding RN# 142035
The Round Zafu Meditation Pillow will amaze you with its durability. Designed to maintain shape and prevent sagging and flattening. **120gsm** microfiber cover is ultra-soft and durable.. Hidden zipper to create a smooth finish on all sides. A fabric handle for easy carrying. Lowest Online Prices Guaranteed!

  • Traditional Round Shape – 15″ diameter by 6″ tall – 4 lbs
  • Factory direct assuring you the best price!
  • Convenient Carrying Handle – Hidden zippered hole, so fill can be removed for washing.
  • Super Soft-High Quality *120GSM* Durable Cover – Filled with 100% High Quality Poly-firm Materials
  • Started Selling: 1/6/2015 – Exclusively by Blowout Bedding RN# 142035

List Price: $ 51.99
Price: $ 23.99

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